Saturday, March 2, 2013

Patent thickets: Do we need white spacing

Intellectual Property rights play a crucial role in the holistic development and protection of IP assets of your organization. For a brief moment think about the umpteen patents filed within a year under software or mobile technology domain. Definitely the count is high and likewise is the case for other booming technology wizards. The race for securing a patent starts from the very stage when an idea is conceived and goes on till you secure one. Eventually this leads to the ever-growing and overlapping, dense web of technology patent rights, also termed as Patent thickets. If your Tech organization is planning for securing patents, make sure you successfully pave your way through this dense cloud to commercialize your potent technology. 

There have been many debates across the IP community on Patent thickets contributing to technological complexities and acting as innovation barriers. The need of the hour is to Whitespace the patent landscape and spot the potential areas of interest. Whitespacing will  result in recognizing technology areas with little or lacking patent activities thereby lending you an exclusivity in the global marketplace. Patent Whitespace analysis could be a potential remedy for patent thickets and innovation black holes. Thus, organizations shall enforce resultant patent whitespace data for R&D and overall innovation. We hope this approach holds promise to pave your organization's way through patent thickets. 

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